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Stooges Guitarist James Williamson Talks At C2SV

Stooges Guitarist James Williamson Talks At C2SV

James Williamson participated in an afternoon talk at the C2SV Technology Conference and Music Festival on September 28, before the Stooges’ show later that night in St. James Park, where fans packed the lawn to rock out to the godfathers of punk.

“In the ’70s, we were terrible entertainers,” he said. “Not only had our albums not sold, but we had ADD. We didn’t want to play the same songs all the time, so we’d play new songs. So nobody ever knew what they were hearing. It was always like the first time. The shows were still interesting, but people didn’t know what to expect.”

These days he sees crowds hundreds of thousands strong, 20-somethings in the front row, singing along verbatim.

“It’s wild,” he remarked. “Who would have thought it?”